Please Support our Annual Food Drive - and Local Breweries!

Matt Talbot

Please Support our Annual Food Drive - and Local Breweries!
Food insecurity has been drastically escalated by the effects of COVID-19, and families in South Jersey need our help.
Please leave a food donation at the participating breweries listed below, then reward your good deed by buying yourself a tasty local brew.

Look for the bin or box or ask your friendly beer tender where to leave your donation. See comments for a list of MOST NEEDED ITEMS.

All donations will be brought to the Food Bank of South Jersey.
Axe and Arrow Brewing,
Eclipse Brewing,
Third State Brewing,
Zed's Beer-Bado Brewing,
Atco Brewing Company,
Three 3's Brewing,
Cross Keys Brewing Co.
and hopefully we'll be adding more!

High Protein Items:
- Peanut butter
- Canned tuna or salmon
- Canned chicken or ham
- Beans – canned or dry
- Peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds
Fruits & Vegetables - Low salt and in water (not syrup):
- Vegetables (canned)
- Fruit (canned)
- Fruit cups
- Applesauce
- Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries, prunes)
- Canned soups
- Canned stews
- Chili
- Ravioli, Spaghettios, etc.
Grains & Breakfast:
- Breakfast cereals (whole grain)
- Oatmeal
- Rice
- Pasta (whole grain)
- Complete Pancake mix
- Mac & Cheese
- Granola Bars
Holiday Items:
- Stuffing mix
- Cranberry sauce
- Instant mashed potatoes
- Gravy
- Canned pie fillings
We CANNOT accept previously-opened containers, repackaged or home-made items.