Mead question

John Pursglove

South Jersey FC Member
I made a semi-sweet mead FG 1.0.15 @ 10.5% with Hawaiian Lehua honey and Sundew yeast. I really like it. I have it cold crashing now. I tried a little sample tonight when it was cold and still. I really enjoyed it. I am wondering if a mead at 10.5% would be good carbonated and kegged or should it be bottled. So far I seem to like carbonated meads a lot but, I've made mostly hydromel type meads that are lower in alcohol. What do the mead people here think?


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You're on the cusp between carbing and not carbing. Is your mead's acid-to-sugar ratio where you want it? If not, the carbonic acid from carbonating might help. If in doubt, you could always do a light carbonation...

As an addendum, I've made still hydromels that turned out great (~6.5% abv). I've also carbonated heavy (15%) meads, and those were great too (if not dangerous lol, carbonation helps mask booze, at least in my experience). Mead really has no rules!

Frank Hiller Jr.

Event Coordinator - 2018 Brewer of the Year
I was always told to keep meads still if I wanted to put it in competition. That being said, I say do you! Force carb and sample it. If you don’t like it then you can always pull the pressure and flatten it.

I see I’m about a month late to responding to this so I’m sure you’ve already made your choice.