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Matt Talbot said:
Dan_Ell_Wang_Er said:
That's all Greek to me. Basically looking for a SS mesh basket that I could either hook over the side of my pot, or clip on with a metal clamp.
I have something like this that I no longer use. If you want to check it out I can send a picture.
Ok, great

Matt Talbot


Is this what you have in mind?

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John Eaton

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John Eaton said:
[post]2600[/post] The next round of DIY projects is proposed for the week of April 25-28. Please give a shout if you're interested, and which day works for you.

The May Meeting is featuring DIY, so this next project night will lead into that. The theme is still the same, filtering and hop management. I'll have SS Hop Spiders, SS mesh baskets and a filter/randall projects available. I'll have another post in a few days with show and tell. If you've got a SS soldering project you want to work one, that could work as well.

Anyone that can't make it for project night, but is still interested in something for use on BBD, let me know and we'll see what we can work out for meeting night.

The filters and SS Hop Spider rings have to be ordered in advance, so speak up if interested. I'm thinking that the spiders projects will be $15-20 and the filter $20-25 (not including filter media). I'll have a final price before the project night.

I did not get any recent feedback so I guess everyone is preparing for BBD. In conjunction with the Friday Night/Sat BBD Site prep at my shop this week, I'll be available for DIY Thurday and Friday nights (28th & 29th). Worst case we stand around talking about beer projects and sample some homebrew.
I did order 4 more SS rings and 1 filter for anyone that might be interested. I'm evaluating filters cartridges for the cheapest ones that can hold up to a dunk in a pot of boiling wort for use after the chill. Hop filters are just screen.

John Eaton

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It's been awfully quiet on the DIY front lately.
Bob Thompson and I were talking last night, and he's pondering an electric kettle. I also have one that's been waiting for the same action. Maybe we can do a punching, drilling and soldering night in the near future. Or we can stand around talking about it, and share some homebrews.