Anyone with a pick-up want to make some extra money for a few hours?


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Hey, dudes. I'm posting here b/c there are a lot of males who live near me and I need some (paid) help with a physical project. I need to pick up 1.5 tons of small stones from a nearby quarry (they dump the haul into the back with a machine) and wheelbarrow them through my house into my backyard to finish a landscaping project. I'll pay in cash and/or phenomenal rare beer (example, in the past week or so I've been given a bottle of Beatification, two bombers of CBS, two bottles of Beachwood Funk Yeah and a bottle of the New Belgium Makers Mark collab ... okay, yeah, I'm bragging a little but you get the point. I have stuff.) I can do this sometime in the next few weeks. Can anyone help?