Strange email received

Joan Countryman

New Member
Did anyone else receive an email from a Dave Duncan? I do not know a Dave Duncan and I'm concerned how he got my email address.
Here is the content:

My name is Dave Duncan and I have a unique goal. It is to have a beer
brewed in every state capitol. Trenton has no commercial brewers so I
am turning to home brewers. Do you happen to know anybody in Trenton
who brews? My only limit is that the beer I have be brewed in the
capitol city.

I live in Illinois near St. Louis, MO and am very close to reaching this
goal needing only a few east coast state capitols to reach it, including
Trenton, NJ. Can you put me in contact with anybody in Trenton who
brews? It would be greatly appreciated!!!

My phone # is 618-789-3436 (texts are acceptable) and my email is My wife and I expect to be in the area in August
and would love to have this beer.

Thank you so much!


Matt Talbot

South Jersey FC Member
Nope, nothing like that. I would figure he’d be able to reach out to the Homebrew shops in the area pretty easily to find what he’s looking for.