STC1000+ Flash Party

Ryan P. Egan

John - Thank you for the lesson.

The DIY buzz has faded a bit, but John is a great resource for information and projects. He showed me a few of his creations. In addition to being very creative, he is mechanical and knowledgable.

If you are thinking about undertaking a project, John has probably already done it, or considered how to do it. Thanks, again.

John Eaton

South Jersey FC Member
Ryan, Thanks for the glowing review. I agree that the DIY excitement has dimmed almost to the sound of very tired crickets.

FYI all, I will be doing an upgrade to my glycol chiller between now and July 10th so I'll put out the word on when, if anyone wants to see what that is all about. I'm brewing a Pre-Prohibition Lager for the Beer Baron event in Oct, so it's got to be back on line in time for that.
And a heads up - Breiss has discontinued it's 6-row pale malt, so if you're looking for it go where the Rahr is.

John Eaton

South Jersey FC Member
Here is the main page for the STC 1000+ fermentation controller flashing. The key things on this page is the link to the web page profile builder, and links to some videos. Click on the User guide at the top for detailed operation instructions.

I still have 2 more flashable units if anyone is interested. The latest code (but not what we flashed I just learned) includes a new feature where you can read the current temperature from the STC1000 remotely. It requires external hardware though. I'll be learning what this is about next.