Split batch extract issue

Frank Hiller Jr.

Event Coordinator - 2018 Brewer of the Year
On BBD we decided to use a big tug of liquid extract and brew a DIPA to split batch and experiment with different yeast. 2 beers were at 20 brix (1.083) and the other at 17.5 brix (1.072)

Pitched omega hothead, mainiacal (one of their kveik yeasts), and an imperial organic joystick.

kveiks were left in the garage, each with heaters. (Mostly wasn’t warm those few days after BBD)

joystick fermented at 70 degrees.

all three were given a healthy dose of O2 prior to fermentation & yeast nutrient in the boil.

all three beers finished at 1.020. Not terrible, but I fully expected the kveiks to chew threw more than that.

used a hell of a lot of the hop oils in the whirlpool and a decent amount in the schedule.

not sure what would stall 3 different yeasts at the same gravity all balanced from the same wort.

AND if you’re wondering why one was lower in gravity. It was a 12g boil and we split it into 3 fermenters and then topped them off with our filtered water.


Gloucester County Chapter Lead
I don't know that kvieks are super attenuating. I actually had a high temp mashed beer stop at 1.035 with Voss. Kinda odd all three stopped at 1.020 though.