Reverse Osmosis Water?

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
I bought an RO system system for brewing. It was ~115 and I've filled at least 200 gallons of water with it since I've had it (less than a year).

Ryan P. Egan

I know Whole Foods in Cherry Hill (Route 70 and Kings Highway) has it. I think it's less than a $1 per gallon.

Dave Greenbaum

South Jersey FC Member
Whole Foods in Marlton (73 and Greentree) has some sort of filtered water for 49¢ per gallon. I've heard it was RO, but I couldn't tell from the markings on the dispenser and didn't have time to ask. There's a place next to TCBY in the shopping center at the intersection of Church, Church and Maple in Marlton called The Water Boyz that sells RO for 80¢ per gallon. I'm going to try that this weekend.


South Jersey FC Member
Whole foods. .49/gallon. Then I use Gordon strong book modern homebrew recipes.
At 49/gallon, it is cheaper than if you put in your own RO system. Trash pick water bottles to get your fill of use buckets.