Omega Lutra for cider or mead?

Matt Talbot

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Has anyone tried Lutra for a cider or mead?
I understand it has an alcohol tolerance up to 15% (package states11%).
I got a bunch of packs at HomebrewCon and trying to think of using it in a cider.
Hi Matt, I haven't used Lutra in mead but I have used Hot Head and Voss in my hydromels 5-7%. I fermented around room temperature. I recommend using about 8 grams of Fermaid O (you can do 1 addition or split that up and add it over a few days) and daily degassing for the first week. This helps to keep the sulfur production down in my experience.

I believe @Frank Hiller Jr. mentioned that he uses Lutra in his seltzers and may be able to share more info on his experiences with Lutra.
I agree with Pursglove's comments. I have used it several times for meads. The highest I've used it to was the previously mentioned 11 percent. However, I imagine if you give it the proper nutrition (front heavy and/or staggered first 72hrs) and rehydration it could crunch through a lot.

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I strictly use GF lutra and have made seltzers up to 12%. I’ve only had one batch (out of 11) come out with sulfury aromas and they were gone in 2 weeks.

Lutra really is a beast. Just like with the beers, ferment hot after adding plenty of nutrient and O2.

My last two batches fermented to .992. 4EA0559E-62E3-4E45-8758-A0695BD87996.jpeg
And I will say I’ve had a few partially stalled fermentations where I had to add some more nutrients to finish the job.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to rip through any cider/mead with proper nutrient and O2.