Ohio Berrs?

Dave Greenbaum

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I've been promised a case of beer from Ohio. It can be four different six-packs. I'm looking for suggestions for beer that we can't get in New Jersey. Do you have a favorite? Thanks!

Kevin Kru

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Jackie O's has cans but their single bottles range from $5-$20 and are good stuff. I had Columbus Brewing Co IPA and it was really good. Mad Tree cans not hard to find out there and good enough from what I had. Had a few cans from Rhinegeist and think they are small and local. Cellar Rats. A buddy told me to tell you that you should try Seventh Son. Good luck.

Matt Talbot

Heard very good reviews of Hood Hearted, but haven't had any.
I've been to Rhinegeist and I like their Truth IPA. Most of their lineup is pretty solid.
Mad Tree PsycHOPathy IPA is pretty OK. I like their Thundersnow, but it's a winter seasonal. Identity Crisis is a decent porter.
Fat Head: Head Hunter IPA is really good. And if you can find Hop JuJu it's a very good IIPA.
Jackie O's Dark Apparition is a really good RIS.
Listermann's Peanut butter Porter is good if you go for that sort of thing.

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Also rivertown out of Cincinnati is really good not rivertowne out of Pittsburgh. Two differ t breweries