Lager myths crowd cast

Frank Hiller Jr.

Event Coordinator - 2018 Brewer of the Year
From the website:

Join me as I discuss lagering maturation best practices with distinguished professor Charlie Bamforth of Sierra Nevada and Jens Magus Eiken Master Brewer. We will explore the myths and realities of lager fermentation as well as flavor stability

What You Will Learn about Lager fermentation:

  • Lager fermentation timeframe: risk vs reward.
  • Flavor stability: DMS, Diacetyl
  • Decoction mashing myths
  • Is bottom-fermenting required for a lager profile?

Commercial Calibration (online tasting)

  • Spaten Lager or Aying Bavarian Pilsner
  • Asahi Super Dry
  • Anchor Steam
  • Pilsner Urquell
Question and Answer: Charlie and Jens will answer your questions in the second half of the event.