Jockey box for Legion fundraiser

Michael Dempsey

South Jersey FC Member
Hi, I was going to bring this up at this month's meeting, but I couldn't make it.

I am a member at the Cherry Hill American Legion post, and on Oct 14 we are having our Oktoberfest fundraiser. I am going to donate a couple of kegs of my Oktoberfest to it. I would like to borrow one of the jockey boxes for it.

I believe we have a 2-tap and 8-tap box. I am only going to have 2 kegs, so I only need the two-tap. Of course if anyone else wants to donate some beer, that is welcome, and I guess I would need the 8-tap box.

I don't know how borrowing the box works, so please advise me on what to do. Thanks.

Tom Carola

Hey Michael,

The sign-up sheet and rules for the jockey box is located here:

I have both boxes at my house. Feel free to send me a message and we can coordinate pick-up.