Hop Spider /Basket

Ryan P. Egan

"CrowbarKarl," who posted the topic admitted that he abandoned using the hop spider he built due to design flaws that made it difficult to use during a vigorous rolling boil (page 4 of the thread). Just a head's up.

Bob Thompson

South Jersey FC Member
Yea I saw that too. I would think that the solid bottom of it would cause it to be pushed up during the boil along with the fact that there was nothing holding it in position aside from its own weight.

Hopefully making a screened bottom and adding a wing bolt to the arms to block it down would resolve the issues.

John Eaton

South Jersey FC Member
I made a 100% mesh version, 4" dia x 12" tall, and it has worked fairly well, although it did clog up pretty badly the last time I used it. Maybe the pellets we ground finer?
I use it with an electric kettle, where it hangs on the pot rim, and the bottom crosses over the element so I get pretty good turbulence in it.

John Eaton

South Jersey FC Member
There were no plans per say. Just kinda threw it together. I can post more on it after the weekend. Headed camping shortly.