Greenbaum's Keezer

Dave Greenbaum

South Jersey FC Member
This is a six tap keezer made with a GE chest freezer, an oak collar, Vent-Matic forward sealing faucets and a stainless steel drip tray. It was way late and over budget, but it's finally ready:

The IMG tag isn't working, here's a link to the picture:
keezer pic

shawn kaderabek

South Jersey FC Member
Well done. I like how you labeled your taps. Are those stickers, magnets, what?? also is that a temperature guage or pressure? can't see from pic. Looks great!

Dave Greenbaum

South Jersey FC Member
Thanks, Shawn. The labels are 4x6 photo prints in acrylic holders with magnets on the back. I got them at Target years ago. The gauge to the left of the faucets is temperature. It's mostly for show, but also will tell me if something goes wonky with the temperature controller.

Rob Hughes

South Jersey FC Member
Dave - Nice work on that. I am using picnic taps at moment and well overdue for the oak collar! What temp gauge did you use? Looks like you were able to counter sink it. Just as an FYI - I put mine on furniture dollies that I got from Harbor Freight (Freaking love that store) they were only 8$. Regarding the magnets.. At a lot of beer events they often give away stickers. I have in past purchased magnets from Michaels craft store and put the stickers on the magnet - this way I could move them around etc...

Brian Pylant

South Jersey FC Member
Sexy... how'd you attach the drip tray?

I tried to use angle brackets and rare earth magnets for mine, but my kegerator has a textured surface and the drip tray just sliiiiiiiides on down. Then I tried heavy-duty doube-stick mounting tape (meant for mounting mailboxes and signs on your house) and that didn't hold either.

I guess next I'm going to try using sandpaper to scuff the surface and try the mounting tape again; if that doesn't work then epoxy it is!

Dave Greenbaum

South Jersey FC Member
The drip tray sits on top of angle brackets. The tray is attached to the brackets with velcro. For the bracket to freezer, I tried a cement like airplane glue, but it wouldn't hold. Next, I used super glue and it seems to work.

Matt Talbot

I used heavy duty Velcro that holds 16lbs stuck to clean smooth surface. Been on there for over a year. The tray just sits on top. I put little rubber dot stickers on the top of each brackets so the tray doesn't move but is free to lift and clean.


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