Forced Diacetyl Test

John Pursglove

Events Coordinator
Last week I had hosted a little brew day and some club members came out and hung out. I have had the beer, a Czech Dark Lager in my fermentation chamber at 50 degrees since last Saturday night. I bumped the temperature up to about 55º on Thursday. Today I took a sample and final gravity was reached 1.013. I couldn't detect any diacetyl aroma in the sample but I wanted to be sure. On the Pilsen I packs from Omega it actually warned to watch for diacetyl.

I looked up something I had recently heard of but had no idea it was so easy to do.

This video from Imperial Yeast is what I used to preform a forced diacetyl test.

Though I couldn't smell the diacetyl in the sample I sure smelled it after warming up the sample to 150º for 15 minutes and then letting it cool to room temp. So it is not ready to lager yet. I raised the temperature in my chamber to 60º and I will preform the test again later in the week.
John we do this at the brewery....take sample heat it like you said...amd you will DEFINITELY get the Diacetyl. I'm told it actually is difficult to detect cold...but when you pour a glass it will come out more and more as it warms while you drink it