Flying Fish 5k

Tara Talbot

South Jersey FC Member
Hi Team!
I am looking to by some shirts for the race, but there are only 6 of us and that is not enough to put in an order for "official running shirts."

I am going to get regular t-shirts and will stencil an awesome logo that Brain Pylant put together especially for us. You can run in them or not, depending what your textile preference may be. I think I'll put mine on after the race. I can make more in the future as more people sign up for other races.

I need 2 things from you all...

Size of shirt, and your vote for color. Color choices are Yellow (as close to beer color as I can find) or Gray. If those are totally offensive to you, please make a suggestion! I'll collect $ at the race. They will be pretty cheap.

Thanks, Tara

Tara Talbot

South Jersey FC Member
Hi guys, I got some shirts-- long sleeved gray. $20 (what the printer charged us). I'll bring them to the race tomorrow if you'd like to buy one. Sorry! I tried to post this earlier but it didn't work.

See you tomorrow!


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