Barrel Preperation

John Pursglove

South Jersey FC Member
I got a 5 gallon rye whiskey barrel for Christmas. I brewed an imperial type red ale about 9%. I had a few questions about getting the barrel ready to use.

I know some people say to fill with water. Should the water be hot or boiling?
Supposedly the whiskey was not dumped too long ago but not sure if I should include citric acid and KMeta in the water.
Should I put some rye whiskey back in the barrel for a few days before racking the beer.

The beer is done fermenting and can be transferred at any time.

Matt Talbot

Saw this was mostly answered on Facebook, and those answers looked accurate to me.
Basically, if it's freshly dumped/still wet it should be good to go. But you can dump any residual, fill with boiling water, empty, and fill.