2016 Barley Legal NFL Eliminator

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
NFL season is about to start. For the 4th or 5th year in a row, let's do an Eliminator. Rules are simple, pick one team each week to win, you can't pick the same team twice in the year. Wrong pick you're out, last person left wins.

For the past few years we've played for a 6-pack of beer. Homebrew preferred, good commercial if you don't have a sixer ready. Payment due to the winner upon completion of the eliminator. I won in week 2 last year (which never happens) and there was a tie the year before.

Here's the info to join:

Stay alive in ESPN's Eliminator Challenge by predicting just one pro football team to win each week. Sound easy? It's not, because you can't choose the same team more than once during the season. Compete against your friends and the overall ESPN pool - last one standing wins. Best of all, it's free to play.

Get in the action now:
http://games.espn.com/nfl-eliminator-ch ... bGVnYWw%3D

Group: Barley Legal Homebrewers
Password: barleylegal
Here's what else they had to say:

It's fun, and I'll keep updating this thread week to week to let everyone know it's going.

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Reminder, season starts on Thursday. Sign up today, it's fun! I'll try to mention this at the meeting tonight, too.

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 1 Recap

You know you love it, my stupid recaps for the past week of the Eliminator. Well, they're back! A total of 14 players this year, which means, theoretically, 156 beers to the winner!

A VERY close week 1 for a lot of people, and if you were following your pick, you were most likely sweating.

The seemingly safest pick pick this week was taking Seattle over Miami. They were something like a 10 point favorite for a team traveling completely across country, both south to north and east to west. But it took a last 2 minute drive by Seattle to finally score a touchdown and go ahead in the game 12-10 in a defensive war. I have to admin I was a little nervous! Safe this week from this pick are myself, Andrea, Dan Kasner, and Mike Donnegan

Another game that was too close for comfort for three players was the Greenbay/Jacksonville game. We all know Jacksonville sucks, but it was still a tough win for the cheese heads. Ellwanger, Tom Soley, and Frank Jr are glad that they pulled this one out.

Two players, Tim and Michael Burke, picked the Titans to take care of the Bears, which they did, as expected.

Chris West picked the Bengals who won by just a single point against the J E T S JETS JETS JETS (for Jay and we'll miss you @Nick Mariano!)

With that we need to say goodbye to two players in week one. Kru and Bill B both picked the Cardinals to win against the traveling and Brady-less Patriots. No matter how much Goodell wants to punish the Patriots, Brady, and Belichick, they still seem to find a way to win and cause the first blood of the eliminator season.

With that, the remaining 12 should get their picks in for the next week. Good luck to those remaining!

Kevin Kru

balls. every firkin year i just donate my six pack. I couldn't be prouder to be in the the company of bBilly which makes it AOK.

Don Kasner

South Jersey FC Member
I'm having problems with my ESPN login (daknj). Just want to go on the record that my pick for Week 2 is the Baltimore Ravens.

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Don Kasner said:
[post]3057[/post] I'm having problems with my ESPN login (daknj). Just want to go on the record that my pick for Week 2 is the Baltimore Ravens.

Okay hopefully you get your login working but if not, I'll keep track of your picks if needed. Never want to shut someone out because of computer problems!!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 2 Recap

No one touched tonight's game (and I don't blame them) so we can do the recap right after the Sunday nights game. Quick recap as all players picked one of three teams.

Most people picked the Ravens to beat the Browns. And they were really nervous when the score was 20-2 at the end of the first quarter, with the BROWNS in the lead! But the Browns went full Browns (never go full Browns) and were outscored 23-0 for the final three quarters and the Ravens took the divisional win 25-20. Cleteur, Dan E, Tom, Ryan B, Frank Jr, Dan, Mike Donegan, and Chris stay alive with their pick.

Three players chose Carolina to defeat the Chip Kelly and visiting 49ers, which they did fairly easily. The game was never really in question with Carolina winning 46-27.

With that we say goodbye to the Vice President, Tim. The Titans took a close one against the Lions, beating Tim's pick 16-15.

With that we have 11 players going into Week 3. Already we've gone further than we did last year. Good luck everyone!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 3 Recap

No one picked the Monday night game again, so we have another chance for an early recap.

7 of us still in the eliminator (Cleteur, Me, Andrea, Dan E, Tom, Ryan, Dan K) took the Dolphins to take care of the visiting Browns. It took overtime for it to happen, but the inevitable finally occurred and we're safe for another week. 30-24 OT.

Michael Burke chose Dallas to beat the visiting Browns. It was an easy win for the CowGirls 31-17.

Chris West took Green Bay to win against the Lions. Since he's a big Bears fan, I was a little surprised he picked this particular game, but the gamble won, with the Packers winning 34-27.

And Frank JR chose Seattle to beat the 49ers, which they did in a 37-18 shellacking.

Now that we've gone to all of the winners, we do need to say goodbye to one player this week. Mike Donnegan picked the Panthers to beat the Vikings, but the Vikings are shocking everyone with Sammy Sleeves at QB winning games and taking names. The Vikings won 22-10 sending Superbowl Runner-up Carolina to 1-2 on the season.

10 players remaining for Week 4, good luck everyone!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Weel 4 Recap

One more week of picks in the book and we're getting the pool down smaller and smaller.

Of the 10 players left 4 picked Washington to beat up on the Browns. At some point in the last part of the third qtr or early fourth, there was some sweating going on. Then there was the fumble that wasn't a fumble, Andrea, Tom, Chris West, and Dan K. can breath a sigh a relief.

Dan E and Ryan picked the Broncos over Tampa. Not a close game, Denver crushed them 27-7.

And Frank Jr is still alive picking the Thursday night game where the Bengals beat up on the Dolphins which they did fairly easily. 22-7 and Frank is alive for another week.


And to the part everyone who is still in is waiting for, we need to say goodbye to three players.

Michael picked the Colts to win in London over the Jags. There's something about the way Jacksonville plays in London, it's always surprising (maybe it's because they have more fans in London than they do in Florida?) Close game but the Jags pulled it out 30-27, knocking Michael out of the game.

Cleteur picked Detroit over Chicago which seemed pretty safe (since the Bears are pretty terrible.) But in a classic NFC North battle the Lions pulled it out and we say goodbye to Cleteur.

And I, myself, must say goodbye to me too. Somehow the LA Rams went into Arizona and overcame a 9.5 point dog to beat the Cardinals. Arizona is maybe not very good? 17-13 Rams.

7 Players left for next week. Good luck!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 5 Recap

Another week, and some more winners and losers.

Three people picked the Steelers over the Jets. And it was a fairly easy game with the Steelers winning by 3 scores, 31-13. Ryan B, Tom, and Chris West are safe with this pick.

Two players left picked the return of Tom Brady and the Patriots to take care of struggling Browns. Brady threw up a giant middle finger to Goodell, 400+ yards and 3 TDs in his 33-13 return. Frank JR and Dan K liked Brady's return.

Andrea is safe in the closest picked game of the week with the Raiders squeaking by the Chargers 34-31.


In a heartbreaking loss for the Eagles faithful, Dan E choose the Birds to take care of the Lions. It was close, but due to an insurmountable amount of penalties and the defense allowing 3 touch downs on the first 3 drives, it was just too much for the men in Green to overcome. Eagles fall to the Lions 24-23 and we say goodbye to Dan E.

6 Players left for next week!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 6 Recap

Week 6 is finished, and the results are in.

Three members for this week picked the Bills over the 49ers. Even starting Kapernick at QB could not overcome the ineptitude of that club and the Bills crushed the Niners 45-16. Ryan B, Tom, and Chris West are safe this week with this pick.

Frank JR is safe this week, too, with the choice of the Titans over Browns. Thought the Browns might pull our their first win of the season, but a bit too little, a bit too late and they lost the game 28-26.


Two of our remaining members have lost with the Miami Dolphins upsetting the Steelers 30-15. Sure, Rothlisberger got hurt in the game, but it was late and the game was already out of hand. Not sure anyone knows who the Steelers are this year, looking great at times, and terrible at times. We say goodbye to Dan K and Andrea.

Only 4 players left for week 7. Good luck to those left!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 7 Recap

Week 7, and we're getting down in numbers!

Chris West is safe with picking the Raiders over the struggling Jags. The game wasn't close, 33-16, and Chris is safe for another week.

Tom is safe this week as well, taking the usually safe bet of picking the team playing against the Browns. The Bengals win 31-17, keeping Tom in for another week.


With 4 players coming into this week and only two safe, we all know what that means!

Ryan makes the mistake of picking against the Eagles team who doesn't know what they are. Great defense picked apart Sammy Sleeves, and the eagles go on to win 21-10 and Tom is out.

And Frank JR loses a heart breaker with a 33-30 loss with the Chargers over the Falcons, in Overtime. But close or not, a loss is a loss and Frankie is out.

Just two players left for next week. Will we know the winner before the next meeting? Stay tuned!

Frank Hiller Jr.

2018 Brewer of the Year
I believe I jinxed myself by actually watching the end of the game.

It was the first week I watched the end of a game I picked.

That's right. I have special powers over NFL pick end.

Haha. Good luck to the last two. And sorry to see you go with me Barney.

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 8 Recap

So it always seems to go. We're down to two people. It's a seemingly easy pick of the Vikings over the Bears. Yet, it's never that easy, it's a division game, with the favorite team on the road. Total trap game, and this was no exception. The Bears win 20-10 and BOTH people left in the pool picked the Vikings to win.

So now we need to decide what the two want to do. @Tom Soley and Chris can decide if they want to keep going, or just split the winnings as of week 8, it's fine with me either way. Chris isn't a BL member but I've talked to him and he's fine with either way, so @Tom Soley, let me know what you'd like to do. I'll try to find you tonight if you don't see this before hand!

Once we know if it's going to be a split or if they're going to keep on going, we'll start making sure everyone who entered has paid their loss :lol: