2015 NFL Eliminator

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 2 Recap

So, ummm, okay, the Eliminator is over for the year.

The football gods were not shining down upon the favorite teams this week with a lot of people making what appeared to be good picks with bad results.


The biggest upset of the week had to be Tampa Bay beating the Saints. I think NO was a 13.5 point favorite in the game? Hiller, Michael Dempsey, Paul, Shawn, and Andrea are out with that seeming no brainer.

Gary, Tim, What Is Football/FullBeard, and Cleteur all watched in horror as Jacksonville squeaked out a close win against Miami.

Ryan, BeerGuyChuck, and Matt should have been fine with the ever popular pick of picking against the Raiders. But in a high scoring shootout, Baltimore goes down and with them the hopes of three more entries.

Espn13941495 is shocked that Washington has the most promising future this year in the NFCEast and are the only ones that don't even look dysfunctional . Yes I just said Washington and NOT dysfunctional in the same sentance.

And finally on Monday Night, the final four people remaining picked the Colts to take care of the Jets. Dan, Evan, TJ, and Vince will probably be giving @Jay Mahoney the cold shoulder for a little while.


Winner: ME. I made the only safe pick in the sceond week of the draft picking the Steelers to defeat the 49ers, which they did fairly handily.

So that's all folks, that's the end of this years eliminator. If you're in the list above, and not me, you owe me a six-pack!

That said, is there any interest in starting up a round 2? I can see if I can setup a whole new league so that it starts over fresh in week 3. We can play for the same bet again if anyone is interested.

T.J. Samulis

New Member
:lol: :lol: :lol: I was so close to picking the Jets last night, but couldn't bring myself to do it with Luck vs. Fitz in Indy.

congrats Chris!