2015 NFL Eliminator

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
It's that time of year! Football is about to start. Last year we had an Eliminator that was a lot of fun, so let's do it again!

---- Join Instructions ----
This message is from Chris Smith who is challenging you to play Eliminator Challenge on ESPN.com.

Stay alive in ESPN's Eliminator Challenge by predicting just one pro football team to win each week. Sound easy? It's not, because you can't choose the same team more than once during the season. Compete against your friends and the overall ESPN pool - last one standing wins. Best of all, it's free to play.

Get in the action now:
http://games.espn.go.com/nfl-eliminator ... eliminator

Group: Barley Legal Homebrewers
Password: barleylegal



You enter one pick a week for a team to win that week
You cannot pick the same team twice in a season
If you lose a week, you are out
Last person(s) to stand, win.
NOTE: The site might let you pick after you are "out" and have a bad pick. We are going to ignore any pick like that, once you make a bad pick you are out.

We play for 1 6-pack of beer from each participant. Homebrew preferred, "good" commercial acceptable if no homebrew available. Once there is only one winner left, we'll try to bring it all to the next meeting or two. Pay your bets, people. @Gary Allbee and @T.J. Samulis won last year and got quite a bit of good beer out of the deal. Might have been a few people who didn't pay, but I think overall it was a good time for everyone involved.

Any questions, please ask. Trash talk and/or losers bitching perfectly acceptable in this thread. Good luck everyone!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Also if it's not fairly easy to tell from your login name, can you post here your ESPN name so that we can track who is still in? I know who everyone except espn35957917 is so far :)

Michael Dempsey

South Jersey FC Member
I'll join in this year. I assume the 6-pack of homebrew to contribute can be different styles? Not that it matters to me I guess, as I will win of course.

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Michael Dempsey said:
[post]1318[/post] I'll join in this year. I assume the 6-pack of homebrew to contribute can be different styles? Not that it matters to me I guess, as I will win of course.

Sure that would be plenty fine! In fact it might be preferred, I think last year I gave two bottles of three different styles.

Ryan P. Egan

Just for clarification:
1. Do we have to cover the spread?
2. Once we select a team, are we able to select them again in the future? Or is it a "one and done" scenario?


Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Yep simple pick'em no spread and can only pick a team once a season.

So you might not always want to pick the "locks" every week depending on your strategy.

Michael Dempsey

South Jersey FC Member
I'm having trouble making my pick. When I log in, I can see my entry in the group (buffaloclaw, mjdempsey). But it doesn't seem to recognize that I am the owner of that entry. When I try to make a pick it makes a new entry with one of those espn1112234234234 names.

I wasn't going to pick either of the teams on Thursday night anyway. But if I can't figure this out I might have to make a new entry and I'll ask my original one to be deleted. Aargh

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
That's fine if you need to have one deleted or whatever. I can keep track of that. Weird that it's not letting you make a pick, is anyone else having that problem?

Michael Dempsey

South Jersey FC Member
I figured it out. My brain must have farted when I joined the group. I actually created a new ESPN account when I did that instead of using the one I already had. I just need to remember to use that new account. Pick is made!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
Week 1 Recap!

Week 1 is in the books. The recaps were well received last year, so I'll keep it up this year. I still don't know who a few people are, so if you don't see you on this list, let me know your ESPN name.

It was a tough week 1 to pick, I thought, but most of us did okay.

Last year's co-winner Gary Allbee picks the #2 pick of the draft over #1 pick of the draft with the Titans taking care of Tampa Bay 42-14 for the win. Fun fact, both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota's first offensive drives ended with a touchdown for the Titans.

Hiller Jr picks the Bengals over the Raiders for a win, too. Never a bad bet to bet against the Raiders

4 people, Tim, Dan Elwanger (I think), Ryan C and Ryan E pick Carolina over Jacksonville. Cam Newton wins his first game under his new huge contract. It was against Jacksonville, so that's not saying much.

4 more people picked Green Bay over Chicago. Michael Dempsey, Paul, BeerGuyChuck (anyone know who this might be?), and What is Football/Fullbeard (again, not sure) were sitting on the edge of their seats for a half of football. The Bears looked good when they could keep Rodgers off the field, but once that was no longer true, Green Bay did what most people expected.

Your's truly picked the Patriots and Tom Brady to come out with a fire and shove one up Goodell's ass. Wasn't disappointed. Plus it's always easier to win when you cheat.

Evan, Shawn, espn13941495 (yeah, I know), and last year's other co-winner TJ picked Miami over the Redskins. Was way closer than anyone thought it would be, and I thought we might have a few more people out week 1.

My sister Andrea (she wanted to play, we'll make her buy beer, right?) is safe picking the Broncos over the Ravens. The ballsiest pick of the week, if you ask me, the Ravens are going to be good this year.

And finally the last people to win this week. Cleteur, Matt Cooly and Vince were gifted by Eli a win in week 1. Seriously, he couldn't count how many time outs were left. Then doesn't take a sack and throws the ball into the ground to stop the clock on 3 and 1? Great contract extension there, NY. How the hell does that guy have 2 superbowl rings? (I may be a little salty about that.)

Losers Week 1

Sorry, losers is a little strong, but there were a few one and dones this year.

Carruthers and Kru are both our thinking the Colts would take care of the Bills. Man, maybe the Bills are actually going to be good this year. Kru did call that he'd be one and done, so maybe he threw it?

Don Kasner was beat by Nicky Foles and the Rams taking care of the Seahawks 31-30. Tough loss.

That leaves 18 of the original 22 people in for week 2. Good luck everyone!

Chris Smith

Tech Officer
I'll do a full recap tomorrow, after tonight's game (and possibly me winning? As I'm the only safe one as of right now.)

But I happened to re-watch the late 90s vampire cult classic Blade this weekend. Could not have had a more fitting name for the results of the eliminator.



Damn ... timecode embeds aren't working. Skip to 2:13 to get the *admittedly not very funny* joke.