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    Cape May acquires Flying Fish

    My wife and I always say if CM wasn’t an hour-plus away, we’d be there all the time. Something tells me we aren’t the only people in Gloucester/Camden County areas that believe the same thing. We’re hoping they eventually convert the FF location to a “Cape May North” brewery and taproom.
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    Iron Hill Brew with a Legend 2023

    Any news on this? I was going to submit a beer but didn’t actually get it done in time for the original deadline so I didn’t think much of it. Seeing it got delayed, I may do it now.
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    ** How to Access SJFC Member Forums **

    Much appreciated!
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    ** How to Access SJFC Member Forums **

    @Chris Smith I joined last week and paid dues. Would like to access the forums when you have a minute to provide the access so I can sign up for Big Brew Day after chatting with Matt about it via Facebook. Thanks!