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  1. Bob Thompson

    Jockey Box Cleaning

    Does anyone have a parts list (with links) for tubing to flush & blowout a jockey box? I am thinking of something with a quick disconnect but it doesn't need to be.
  2. Bob Thompson

    AHA Membership Book Deal

    What book deal will you be taking for your membership renewal?
  3. Bob Thompson

    Formula question

    Ok for all the ultra science folks here What is the formula to find the needed PSI to carb a keg at specific temp and CO2 volume? To phrase a different way. How did this chatt get made? Quickstructions_1_0.jpg
  4. Bob Thompson

    Round 2

    New craft brewery rules
  5. Bob Thompson

    BeerSmith 3 Thoughts

    So has anyone installed the new BeerSmith yet? What are your thoughts? Is it worth the update? Im a little hung up over the tiered plans. $35 for the software to only get minor updates is harsh, but $15 a year with no promise of a major update also seems a waste.
  6. Bob Thompson

    Precision Hydrometer

    Anyone have any experience or know where to get one under 25bucks?
  7. Bob Thompson

    Gravity Adjustment Spreadsheet

    So in another thread we learned of @Brian Pylant 's shoot from the hip method of adding DME if he missed his pre-boil gravity. With my luck I would end up with an extra 3 gallons between adding DME then water to hit the mark right. That being the case I dug around and created a spreadsheet...
  8. Bob Thompson

    ISpindel Kit

    Has anyone bought / made this?
  9. Bob Thompson

    DIY Quick Carb

    Is it bad I got the giggles inside as I post this?
  10. Bob Thompson

    Stronger than PBW?

    So cleaning some kegs that have been sitting for a bit I found some stains that weren't coming out with just PBW and a stiff brush. Who knows of something a bit stronger I can get with out breaking the bank?
  11. Bob Thompson

    Time to get a lawyer

    So I'm renewing my AHA and it asks for my club name and I find this
  12. Bob Thompson

    Hop Utilization in Beersmith with a Hop Spider

    Question for those of you who use Beersmith and a hop spider. Do you decrease your Hop Utilization setting by 10% to compensate for decreased wort flow through the mesh of the hop spider?
  13. Bob Thompson

    Apple Cider Variations

    As I look at getting ready for making my cider this year I thought I might separate a a gallon or two and add some other flavorings. Some obvious choices like cinnamon or other spices, honey or fruit come to mind. Now since I haven't done this before I ask the folks who have....Anyone have...
  14. Bob Thompson article ... obile_home
  15. Bob Thompson

    Kegging issue

    So I'm running into an issue here I don't quite get. My batch went into the keg and I put 10 psi on it until a tap opened up. I checked and it still had pressure before it put it back on the co2 tank on 10 psi in the kegorator (dip tube side btw) and it sat for 4 days. Poured a glass. Still...
  16. Bob Thompson

    Club Build For Events?

    He could even hold the Golden Urinal!!
  17. Bob Thompson

    Counterpressure Fillers

    Question, What counter pressure bottle filler is everyone using/recommend? Links?
  18. Bob Thompson

    Coffee Russian Imperial Stout

    Just about time to sparge Sent from my LG-D800 using Tapatalk
  19. Bob Thompson


    Must have some something right. Smells just like pumpking pie filling.
  20. Bob Thompson

    Hop Spider /Basket

    anyone interested in maybe group building a few of these (or something akin)?