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  1. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Omega Lutra for cider or mead?

    And I will say I’ve had a few partially stalled fermentations where I had to add some more nutrients to finish the job. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be able to rip through any cider/mead with proper nutrient and O2.
  2. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Omega Lutra for cider or mead?

    I strictly use GF lutra and have made seltzers up to 12%. I’ve only had one batch (out of 11) come out with sulfury aromas and they were gone in 2 weeks. Lutra really is a beast. Just like with the beers, ferment hot after adding plenty of nutrient and O2. My last two batches fermented to .992.
  3. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Jeremy Koestel funeral information

    I should have posted info on here when I heard the sad news, but our old club member passed away on Friday. I inserted the funeral information below. Funeral arrangements
  4. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Kölsch Tips? Yeast suggestions?

    I second the K-97 yeast use. We made a great kolsch a few years back with it
  5. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Loose rubber on keg?

    So anyone that’s had an issue with their soda keg losing the rubber handle or bottom, this stuff works great. Marine weld. $7.84 (plus tax) at Home Depot.
  6. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Lager myths crowd cast

    From the website: Join me as I discuss lagering maturation best practices with distinguished professor Charlie Bamforth of Sierra Nevada and Jens Magus Eiken Master Brewer. We will explore the myths and realities of lager fermentation as well as flavor stability What You Will Learn about...
  7. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Mead question

    I was always told to keep meads still if I wanted to put it in competition. That being said, I say do you! Force carb and sample it. If you don’t like it then you can always pull the pressure and flatten it. I see I’m about a month late to responding to this so I’m sure you’ve already made...
  8. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Jockey box

    I should have a 2 tap jockeybox available is someone wants to use it at the anni party. I might even an awkward looking single tap available as well. If you’re interested. Let me know. You’ll just need a gas setup
  9. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Stuck Hex Nut on Beer Line

    Soak it in warm/hot water for a little. I replace couplers all the time for work. I soak them for a bit and then attach them to a keg (disengaged of course) as a solid base….aka I second @John Pursglove stated in the last comment.
  10. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Third thirsty Thursday (5/20)

    Heading to third state brewing on 5/20 during normal business hours. let’s get some BL love thrown their way!
  11. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Bulk honey/maple syrup buy

    Is there any interest in a bulk honey buy? Orrrrr maple syrup... We haven’t don’t one in a few years. Looks like they have some more options as well. Dutch gold
  12. Frank Hiller Jr.

    What’s everyone brewing

    I’ve got a plan to make a spin on a old school recipe. Planning a peppermint mocha coffee “white stout” for the winter. Used to do it as a stout. We shall see.
  13. Frank Hiller Jr.

    What’s everyone brewing

    Good ol safale-04
  14. Frank Hiller Jr.

    What’s everyone brewing

    Brewed an Old Ale on Saturday. Fermentation went strong and fast.
  15. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Split batch extract issue

    On BBD we decided to use a big tug of liquid extract and brew a DIPA to split batch and experiment with different yeast. 2 beers were at 20 brix (1.083) and the other at 17.5 brix (1.072) Pitched omega hothead, mainiacal (one of their kveik yeasts), and an imperial organic joystick. kveiks...
  16. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Reusing Unwashed Yeast

    I’d be interested in flavors you are getting from each batch. ive read you can use the same yeast for similar style and to go to bigger beers. A big idea my pops does is makes a Scottish light and then we make a wee heavy we pitch on that cake. Same style, bigger beer. I’d be interested in if...
  17. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Kilkenny clone

    Sweet! I love Kilkenny. Let me know how it is. General idea for nitro then is to only partially carb it, then hit it with the nitrogen and shake the hell out of it. In my experience, it takes a bit more work to get the nitrogen into the beer. And when you tap it and start pouring make sure your...
  18. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Kilkenny clone

    The question is can you can serve it on nitro? If not, don’t worry about trying to mix in the blend, you’d just have a less carbonated beer. The blend tanks are for serving beer, mainly if you want to put pressure above 15 pounds to push beer out and not over carbonate it.
  19. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Who's brewing on Saturday for the virtual Big Brew Day?

    We are. Planning still in the works. Think we are doing an all grain wee heavy and also doing a monster extract batch to split for experimenting
  20. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Call for donations: Spin-Co

    We have a request for kegs and bottles from a non-profit in philly. Non-profit: Spin-co The Philadelphia Spin Coalition (SpinCo) works to bring movement arts to people of all ages and backgrounds. Event date: December 14th, 2019 Would anyone be willing to donate to their event? Even better...