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  1. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Jeremy Koestel funeral information

    I should have posted info on here when I heard the sad news, but our old club member passed away on Friday. I inserted the funeral information below. Funeral arrangements
  2. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Loose rubber on keg?

    So anyone that’s had an issue with their soda keg losing the rubber handle or bottom, this stuff works great. Marine weld. $7.84 (plus tax) at Home Depot.
  3. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Lager myths crowd cast

    From the website: Join me as I discuss lagering maturation best practices with distinguished professor Charlie Bamforth of Sierra Nevada and Jens Magus Eiken Master Brewer. We will explore the myths and realities of lager fermentation as well as flavor stability What You Will Learn about...
  4. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Jockey box

    I should have a 2 tap jockeybox available is someone wants to use it at the anni party. I might even an awkward looking single tap available as well. If you’re interested. Let me know. You’ll just need a gas setup
  5. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Third thirsty Thursday (5/20)

    Heading to third state brewing on 5/20 during normal business hours. let’s get some BL love thrown their way!
  6. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Bulk honey/maple syrup buy

    Is there any interest in a bulk honey buy? Orrrrr maple syrup... We haven’t don’t one in a few years. Looks like they have some more options as well. Dutch gold
  7. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Split batch extract issue

    On BBD we decided to use a big tug of liquid extract and brew a DIPA to split batch and experiment with different yeast. 2 beers were at 20 brix (1.083) and the other at 17.5 brix (1.072) Pitched omega hothead, mainiacal (one of their kveik yeasts), and an imperial organic joystick. kveiks...
  8. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Call for donations: Spin-Co

    We have a request for kegs and bottles from a non-profit in philly. Non-profit: Spin-co The Philadelphia Spin Coalition (SpinCo) works to bring movement arts to people of all ages and backgrounds. Event date: December 14th, 2019 Would anyone be willing to donate to their event? Even better...
  9. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Mead Day

    Happy Mead Day everyone! So your mead responsibly today.
  10. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Extreme Homebrew Challenge

    Monday June 3rd Big Poppa Pump and I will be pouring at the extreme Homebrew challenge. It’s at Jose Pistolas and it goes from 7-10. We had a lot of fun at it last year. Definitely a lot of cool and crazy beers on tap. We’d love and appreciate some BL support at the event. There are prizes for...
  11. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Philly Homebrew Cup

    The Hillers earned 3 medals at PHC this weekend. A 1st for the wee heavy in the British stouts and strong ales category and a second and third place in meads. It helped earn Us a silver in club representation, which we missed gold by .0002 points.
  12. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Philly grain and malt symposium This looks pretty awesome!
  13. Frank Hiller Jr.


    Just a heads up, devils creek is looking for a bartender if anyone is interested. Details below!
  14. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Evil Genius #brewtheprocess

    I posted (maybe only on the fb page) that evil genius was giving away their #trust the process wort for a competition. Sr. N I will be pouring our beers at the event on Thursday March 22nd at the evil genius brewery. It’s a cool lil spot. I think the judging is a crowd favorite and staff...
  15. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Attention runners... evil genius .5k

    Yea, I wrote that right. It’s a .5k for their birthday. Sounds fun and benefits MS!
  16. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Cool As A....

    I had the opportunity to build the recipe for and brew a cucumber gose at Devils creek. The beer went on tap yesterday. Come by and try it out!
  17. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Local Yeast Project

    Found these guys through a rebel homebrew store email. What they say about it. The french call it “terroir”, we call it the Local Yeast Project. Bootleg Biology is the first organization to pioneer the collection and cultivation of official...
  18. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Finished at 1.020

    Made my annual peppermint mocha coffee stout this year. Bumped up the candy canes I usually use to 2 pounds. That of course bumped up my o.g. The s.g. was 1.080. Been sitting a few months and it's at 1.020. I havent had fermentation problems with the csndy canes in the past. Could it be...
  19. Frank Hiller Jr.

    Brew Dog recipes releases Brew Dog released 215 recipes of theirs. Enjoy!
  20. Frank Hiller Jr.

    A.c. hop trot 5k?!blank/c1yws Ive never run one of these so called "5k's" but this one sounds kinda fun. I'm interested. Run for entrance into the a.c. beerfest sounds kind of awesome.