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  1. John Pursglove

    Interested in being a full time pro brewer?

    My friend Chris over at Red White and Brew texted me asking if I knew of any brewers looking for work. They are looking for a full time head brewer.
  2. John Pursglove

    Barrel Preperation

    I got a 5 gallon rye whiskey barrel for Christmas. I brewed an imperial type red ale about 9%. I had a few questions about getting the barrel ready to use. I know some people say to fill with water. Should the water be hot or boiling? Supposedly the whiskey was not dumped too long ago but...
  3. John Pursglove

    Mead question

    I made a semi-sweet mead FG 1.0.15 @ 10.5% with Hawaiian Lehua honey and Sundew yeast. I really like it. I have it cold crashing now. I tried a little sample tonight when it was cold and still. I really enjoyed it. I am wondering if a mead at 10.5% would be good carbonated and kegged or...
  4. John Pursglove

    20# co2 fill /exchange

    I picked up a 20 Pound Co2 tank. Any recommendations on filling/exchanging. I
  5. John Pursglove

    Mexican Stout

    I recall someone pouring a mexican stout at Big Brew day. I was wondering if anyone here could point me in the direction of brewing one myself. Any help will be appreciated. I have found a few recipes online but they are all over the place. Thanks. John
  6. John Pursglove

    Water chemistry

    Hi I am wondering if anyone has a general idea of the water profile for the Audubon NJ area. We use NJ American Water. I contacted them but they sent me partial information from like 10 years ago. Thanks.