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    This video just saved my brewday!

    Brewhardware has rebuild kits for the impeller for chugger heads. They might have them for the riptide also, worth checking out.
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    Berkley Engineered Yeast - Tropical

    Find a beer made with Tropics and culture it up. A customer of PHO has done this and has given me some. I have not build it up YET but i will sometime in the near future. In the mean time, get your hands on Cosmic Punch from Omega. It does some of the same thing. Both have been CRISPERed to...
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    Once in a Lifetime Brewery Opportunity

    It is good you are back on your feet! It was more intense disappointment!
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    Reverse Osmosis Water?

    At Whole foods you can get RO or demineralized h2o. Both .49/gallon.
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    Reverse Osmosis Water?

    Whole foods. .49/gallon. Then I use Gordon strong book modern homebrew recipes. At 49/gallon, it is cheaper than if you put in your own RO system. Trash pick water bottles to get your fill of use buckets.
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    Brett Mullin Beef and Beer

    anyone who is donating kegs for brett, brett is asking if you could drop them off at the shop.thank you!
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    Counterflow vs Plate Chiller

    on this point, i am with jamil and tonsmiere. i have 50 ft immersion coil with a third arm to whirlpool. plus, i have a 25 ft coil as a pre-chiller with 10-20 lbs of ice.
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    Everything homebrewing by drew beechum

    I can not find this book in my house. So i believe I lent this book out to someone but can not remember who. Any help here is appreciated. Feel like a Dumas! But want the book back. Thanks!
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    Brew day

    For anyone interested, I will be brewing tomorrow. I will be starting around 10 AM. Stop by if you are available. 206 new Broadway brooklawn. 856-433-4724
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    Brewing with fruit

    A campden tablet or two wouldn't hurt either. Unlees you want something funky!
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    tuesday meeting

    I am leaving woodcrest station at 4:45. The tap, heritage, bbe and brendas.
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    tuesday meeting

    So where are we gathering on tuesday?
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    Schuylkill nature center brews beer - with weeds

    One mans weeds is anothers mans herbs.
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    Big Brew Day - May 2, 2015

    Nick you are welcomed to join us.
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    Brew Pot Recommendations

    I use a 9 gallon pot fron more beer with 2 ports that i got for $90. But , i recommend a 10 gallon pot. If you are doing a 90 minute boil. You need more than 7 gallons to go into the pot. You just have more head space with a 10.
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    control panel build

    sorry. the 23rd . next Thursday. I will duh me now!
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    control panel build

    we are going to build a control panel for my brew stand. it will PIDs with thermo probes for mash temperature control. it will have controls for a pump and also a control for a mash mixing motor. we are getting together at Quartz Infared, john Eaton's company in edgewater park nj. his address...
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    Congratulations to Barley Legal's NHC First Round Winners!

    Congrats to everyone! Here's to the next round!