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    Homebrew Contest King's Road Brewery

    At Ales on the Rails King's Road had flyers for a Home Brew Contest. Entries are due the first weekend of June.
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    Big Brew Day Brewers

    If anyone who has not signed up wants to brew at Big Brew day we need to know. We need to get permits from the fire Marshall and they ask for two weeks in advance. Here is a link to the sign up sheet if you missed it. I am asking that anyone that does want to brew please get on the sheet by the...
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    Imperial Yeast Tour Directions

    There are two spots left for the Imperial yeast Tour. Address and directions are above if anyone wants to make a last minute decision to go.
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    Supplies Options.

    I just had the same email exchange with Anthony today. I ordered one that they didn't have and Anthony got right back to me and said he was about to order from Omega so they should have it next week. He hooked me up with a similar yeast for my brew day on Saturday.
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    CO2 Refills - Near Haddon Heights

    For my 20# tank I exchange at SJ Welding on 38. I only use the 20 # to server beer from the keezer so it lasts like 1.5 to 2 years. It is only a few dollars more than a 5 pound exchange which I have done as well there. If I am going to exchange the big tank and I have an empty 5 pounder I will...
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    CO2 Refills - Near Haddon Heights

    Collingswood hardware on Haddon Avenue in Colls does refills.
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    Supplies Options.

    No. Fermented in Hammonton is still open. They are open Thursday through Sunday.
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    Icarus fundraiser with Brewery Strong

    I saw this on Facebook and figured I would share if anyone is interested. Calling all home brewers! Brewery Strong is pleased to announce our very first Big Brew Day! We have partnered with the wonderful people at @icarusbrewing to have you observe the brewing process at their 10 barrel...
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    Loose rubber on keg?

    I did a similar repair to a keg several years ago and I haven't seen the issue since.
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    December Meeting Tue. 06-DEC @ Third State Brewing

    looking forward to the party Friday!
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    Iron Hill Brew with a legend

    I just ran across this. They seem to do it every year. I remember entering a few years ago and may do so again this time.
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    Omega Lutra for cider or mead?

    Hi Matt, I haven't used Lutra in mead but I have used Hot Head and Voss in my hydromels 5-7%. I fermented around room temperature. I recommend using about 8 grams of Fermaid O (you can do 1 addition or split that up and add it over a few days) and daily degassing for the first week. This...
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    Kölsch Tips? Yeast suggestions?

    It will go it will just take a while.
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    Kölsch Tips? Yeast suggestions?

    I make a Kölsch a few times a year. I just kegged a batch last week. I have used both Llalemand and K-97 dry yeasts. I prefer the Fermentis personally. I found the Lallemand Köln to take even longer. I pitch 2 packs for 5 gallons and ferment about 60 until the krausen starts to drop which...