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    Kegerator issue

    Foaming also happens if the path of the beer isn't smooth, like dirt, sharp bends in the line, displaced seals, or other obstructions. If the foaming started after the new faucet was installed, take it apart and check that it doesn't have metal filings or rough edges inside from machining.
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    Kegerator issue

    Is cooled air to the tower obstructed? Is the temperature around the kegerator higher lately? If the temperature on the way from keg to glass goes up, it'll cause foaming until the beer coming out cools it. Lastly, is the faucet all the way open when pouring?
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    Hi, newer brewer here

    Hi and welcome, Malted grains are steeped in water so that the grain thinks it's time to grow and convert its starches to sugars. You can start with unmalted grains and malt them yourself, but there's no real advantage to that. If you don't malt grains, the yeast will have no sugar to ferment...
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    Water Treatment for Melomel

    I'm making a melomel, Ken Schramm's Mambo in Your Mouth. I'm doing the no-heat method with TONSA using RO water. Does the RO water need any sort of treatment?
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    The 10+1 Year Anniversary Event!

    I'm signed up. @Matt Talbot can you post a pic of the t-shirts?
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    The 10+1 Year Anniversary Event!

    Are tickets available at the door?
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    Once in a Lifetime Brewery Opportunity

    Wow, that's rough John, but glad you're on the rebound. It's been a while since we brewed together, so I don't remember your setup. When you get a chance can you jot it down?
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    Lagunitas IPNA

    I tried Lagunitas IPNA this weekend. This is their almost-non-alcoholic beer. It's definitely hop forward. Little malt backbone. What's striking is that the hops have the character of hop pellets, as if they infused them post-fermentation, rather than boiling them. Regardless, it's a big...
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    Is my glass telling me something?

    Either some of the letters on this glass have worn off or it's trying to tell me to drink on a train.
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    Using a pump to vorlauf

    I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. Maybe because "How to Brew" recommends drawing off part of the mash with a pitcher and pouring it back into the mash tun to vorlauf. Today, for some reason, it hit me that this would introduce hot side aeration and I have a perfectly good March...
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    Fermaid question

    I'm interested to know what you find out. A friend of mine brewed a bourbon porter he's done before and it also came out watery. I wasn't there at his brew day, but I couldn't come up with a reason why it happened.
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    What’s everyone brewing

    I just tapped a California Common and a Kolsch and bottled "Thing"--what was supposed to be a kettle sour, but fermented out on it's own before I got to boil it. Next month, I'll put my daughter's 21st birthday beer on tap. It's a four year old Barleywine. Then I start on my other daughter's...
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    Reusing Unwashed Yeast

    During the pandemic, I've made some changes to my brewing process. One is to modify recipes to use what I've got on-hand to minimize trips to the homebrew store. Part of this includes reusing yeast. In White and Zainasheff's "Yeast", it is advised not to reuse yeast without washing it. IOW...